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Android Driver App

Streamline your operations with vehicle management software!

For a company with a fleet of vehicles, it is important to track the location of its vehicles, to know whether any of the vehicles require maintenance, or to reduce travel time and fuel costs. These are key factors that affect your bottom line! With Fleet tracking software and systems, you get the visibility you need to track and manage your fleet efficiently. With this software in place, you can streamline your operations, reducing costs, and increasing revenue. The software is suitable for companies and fleets of just about any size and can help you save time and money and increase customer satisfaction.


Vehicle Tracking

It is possible to track your vehicle’s current location, anytime, anywhere. The current location and state of the vehicle can be seen in the Map. The state of the vehicle can also be monitored like moving, parked since when or idle is shown using map markers. In cases of theft of vehicles or assets, the vehicle tracking helps to recover them. Multiple vehicles can be grouped and managed simultaneously using the simple to use interface of the vehicle management system. 


Live Map View

The GPS location of your vehicle is shown on a map along with vehicle speed if the vehicle is moving. You can monitor all your vehicles on a single map, updated live to the minute. By tracking, you get feedback on all the trips made by the vehicle graphically on the map like kilometers traveled, stoppages, idling, engine time and average speed. Business owners and chauffeur driven car owners can benefit from his feature


Instant Notifications

With real-time email alerts on delivery of goods, both you and your customers can rest assured. 


Android Solution

With this vehicle management system, no expensive hardware is required. You can start tracking with any Android phone in hand.